Session 4: Intersections and crossroads

Session 4: Intersections and crossroads
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Protecting climate migrants is imperative, but the discourse on the intersections of vulnerability with national and international development architecture is largely underdeveloped.

It is crucial to arrive at an analysis of the dynamic around how the global trade, finance, investments systems interacting with local institutions and power relations brought about a state of perpetual poverty and underdevelopment that render people more vulnerable and less capable to adapt to and rebuild from climate change.

Moderator: Natalie Lowrey, Yes to Life No To Mining Network


Ms. Glorene Das, Tenaganita's photo'

Ms. Glorene Das, Tenaganita


Ms. Lidy Nacpil's photo'

Ms. Lidy Nacpil

sian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development/ Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice

Mr. Sonny Africa's photo'

Mr. Sonny Africa

IBON Foundation, Philippines

Dr. Doreen Stabinsky's photo'

Dr. Doreen Stabinsky

College of the Atlantic, USA (via video conference)